Vetsense Flygone 500ml

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Repels flies and other biting insects on

– Horses
– Dogs
– Cattle
– Pigs

It can also be used to control fleas and lice on dogs.

The combination of natural Pyrethrins, Citronella Oil and synergists in a low irritant oil base result in longer acting insecticidal and repellent properties and provides a soothing feel on contact.

Active Constituents
1.5 g/L pyrethrins
6.0 g/L di-N-propylisocinchomeronate
2.7 g/L piperonyl butoxide
3.0 g/L N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide
citronella oil

Directions for Use
Spray the animal lightly for a few seconds with a sweeping motion from head to rear. Alternatively, dampen a cloth and apply to a selected area.

Use once daily or twice a day if infestation is severe.

To maximise its use, we would recommend spraying areas where flies and fleas are likely to settle such as kennels and bedding. Please note, this product is oil based so please keep this in mind when spraying on certain fabrics.

If you would like to use a non-oil based product on bedding, stables etc. then please use Vetsense Permetrol to spray around the animal’s environment. Permetrol is only application for horses and dogs.

Avoid direct application to eyes, nose and mouth. If poisoning occurs contact a doctor, vet or Poisons Information Centre.

Withholding Period Nil

Can I use Flygon on baby animals?
The import thing when applying Flygon is to make sure it won’t be ingested by either the animal it’s being applied to or, in case of a baby animal, its mother if they are still nursing. It is best applied to a section where it will not be licked.

Can I use Flygon on pregnant bitches or mares?
Yes, please apply the product in areas away from the teats or udders.

What makes Flygon different to a lot of other fly repellents?
Many other brands on the market produce fly repellents that are alcohol based. Flygon contains no alcohol and is oil-based instead. This has the benefit of being low-irritant (won’t sting), and longer lasting so doesn’t evaporate/wash off during hot or rainy weather conditions.

Does it kill fleas?

Will it repel mosquitoes?

Is Flygon flammable?

How long will Flygon last for?
This depends on the environmental conditions.

– Dry conditions: 1 daily spray (morning)

– Wet conditions: 1-2 daily sprays (morning & evening)

– Windy conditions: 1-2 daily sprays (morning & evening)

We always recommend checking the animal and the weather conditions to use when most needed to be most effective.