UT Wildbird Mix 5kg

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Premium Wild Bird Mix.

Wild Bird Mix is a complete, healthy feed for all the wild birds that come into your yard. The healthy combination of premium quality seeds can be fed to birds of all sizes – and comes with added vitamins and minerals to help these visitors lead a healthier life. All natural All our products are 100% natural vegetarian feeds that are free from medication, antibiotics, artificial colours and flavourings. Quality guarantee In making this product we source only the very best grains and use strict quality control procedures to remove all impurities to ensure a superior quality nutritious feed every time. Premium ingredients

Cr. Maize, Wheat, Oats, Sorghum,
White French Millet, Panicum, Grey
Stripe Sunflowers, Black Sunflowers
and a vitamin and mineral enriched
vegetable oil.
Nutritional analysis
Protein min: 10.10%
Fat min: 8.50%
Crude fibre min: 9.15%
Salt min: 0.10%
Feeding guide

Wild Bird Mix is suitable for all varieties of birds once they have passed beyond the hatchling stage. Make sure
clean water is always available.