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Coarse Layer Mash is a perfectly balanced premium feed for your hens, consisting of an optimum blend of five different grains combined with vegetarian protein sources and added vitamin and minerals. To enhance egg production.

Coarse Layer Mash has a higher protein content than standard layer mashes.
With added:
• A natural active enzyme that is proven to boost overall health, digestion and metabolism
• Extra calcium and limestone to help strengthen the egg shell
• Vitamin E to enhance the immune system.
The mash is naturally sweetened with molasses and vegetable oils, which gives it a beautiful fresh sheen and
great palatable taste.
All natural
This product is 100% natural vegetarian feeds that are free from Restricted Animal Material (RAM*),
medication, antibiotics, hormones, artificial colours and flavourings.


Wheat, Maize, Oats, Barley, Sorghum,
Cr. Lupins, Black Sunflowers, Grey
Stripe Sunflowers, Limestone, Calcium,
Soyabean Meal, Cottonseed Meal, Vitamin
and Mineral premix, Natural Enzyme,
Molasses and Vegetable Oil.

Nutritional analysis
Protein min: 16.0%
Fat min: 3.80%
Crude fibre max: 4.40%
Calcium min: 3.90%
Salt min: 0.20%
Feeding guide
Suitable for all breeds of laying hens.
Make sure clean water is always available.
In addition to the mash, your hens will also
benefit from access to pastures.