Trouble & Trix Natural Litter Cherry Blossom 10L

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Cherry Blossom Tofu Cat Litter
Trouble and Trix Natural Cat Litter is blended with a cherry blossom fragrance and made from plant-extracts soya bean and guar gum (tofu, bean plant extract). This makes the litter 100% natural, biodegradable, digestible to kittens and non-toxic.

This litter may be natural but it doesn’t compromise on odour control, with added baking soda and cherry blossom to neutralise the urine smell. The litter forms soft, scoopable clumps for convenient cleaning and reduced wastage, and is lighter weight than typical clumping litters, making it easier to carry. It’s also soft on paws and low tracking, making it a great all-rounder.

Each 10L bag lasts 5 weeks*

Environmentally sustainable and biodegradable
Made from soya beans
Blended with a pleasant cherry blossom fragrance for your home.
Baking soda neutralizes odours
Non-toxic, safe for kittens
Flushable in small volumes and garden-friendly
Forms easy-to-clean, scoopable clumps
*Guide based on an average size, healthy cat, fed on premium dry food. Longevity of the product may vary based on your cat’s diet. Some cats may prefer one litter type or litter tray. If your cat will not use a particular litter, try one of our other litters or ask your vet’s advice. A standard 30 x 40cm litter tray filled to 4cm deep is recommended. Longevity may be affected if filled above this level.