Soapy Moose Trendsetter Poop Bag Holders Trendsetter

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The Trendsetter Poop Bag Holder

Finally! Complete your Trendsetter set with Our Brand New Poop Bag Holder!

These are not like other poop bag holders- they slide over the leash and then clip securely onto the D-link on the leash. We don’t want to loose these! There is room for some money and your car keys as well. These little bags will not swing around like other poop bags do as they are snug up against your leash!

These were designed to fit our Soapy Moose Leashes but can also fit onto most standard leashes up to 3cm wide. Each poop bag comes with a roll of 15 Plastic poop bags for your convenience.


8.5cm x 5cm x 5cm

Each Poop Bag holder comes with a free roll of 15 black coloured poop bags which measure 22cm x 31cm.