Rocky Point Coco Pro 30 Litre

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Featuring premium quality slow and controlled release fertilisers, Coco Pro feeds and nourishes plants for over 14 months.

Coco Pro’s professional nursery grade ingredients, together with a unique blend of coconut fibre and chip, act as an organic water saver and root stimulator to help a wide range of plants flourish in a natural, healthy growing environment. From vegetables and herbs, to large flowering ornamentals, from large terracotta pots to small seed boxes, Coco Pro makes the earth better in so many ways!

This production quality mix contains a blend of; slow and controlled released fertilisers which will feed your plants for up to 14 months; Coconut Fibre and Chip which act as organic water savers and root stimulators; and many other premium ingredients.

Designed to replace the need for multiple specialty potting mix bags, Coco Pro is ideal for:

All potted fruit trees, vegetables & herbs
Azaleas, Gardenias & Camellias
Annuals & Perennials
African Violets
Magnolias & Roses
Bromeliads & Cymbidiums
Palms & Ferns
Benefits of Rocky Point Coco Pro:

Professional Grade Potting Mix
Trace Elements for Plant Multivitamins
Added Fertilisers Feed Plants for Over 14 Months
Balances Moisture & Airflow for Better Root Growth
Greater Weight Content of Slow & Controlled Release Fertiliser
Granular Wetting Agent
40% Coconut Fibre & Chip
A Total of 19 Ingredients
Prepared and tested under strict conditions, this product is certified to Australian Standards 3743 for a Premium Grade Potting Mix