Petsafe Spray Refill Unscented

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PetSafe® Spray Refill - Unscented

The PetSafe® Spray Refill Cartridges are easy to replace with no mess. Simply remove the empty cartridge and replace with the new one. The unscented refill cartridges are great for sensitive dogs – a small spray to the snout without added scented oils or fragrances. The PetSafe® Spray Refill cartridge is 100% recyclable and safe for you and your dog!

Compatible Collars – The PetSafe® Spray Refill - Unscented is for use with the PetSafe® Spray Bark and Training collars; it is NOT compatible with the PetSafe® GentleSpray®, Elite Big Dog and Little Dog Spray Bark Collars or Elite Big Dog and Little Dog Spray Trainers
100% Recyclable – The disposable PetSafe® Spray Refill cartridges are 100% recyclable