Oscillot Kit DIY 10m Satin Black

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Oscillot DIY Kit for 10 metres of fence line*
5 x Paddles
8 x Dual Knuckle Post Kits
Fixings Screws

Product Details

Oscillot Cat-Proof Fence Kits are made up of a standardised 2 metre Paddle length plus fixing components. All Cat-Proof Fence Kits include multiples of these 2 metre Paddles up to the size chosen. Paddles are designed to be cut down to size as required to fit smaller sections of fence, gates, etc. Paddle offcuts can be used as normal.

The number of Paddles and Dual Knuckle Post Kits included in each Kit is the average required for full and correct installation on that meterage of standard fence line.


Oscillot is designed to prevent cats from scaling fences with a minimum height of 1.80 metres when installed correctly in accordance with our Installation Guide on a suitable fence type & yard setup.

Oscillot was originally designed for installation on metal fences. We now have customers across Australia, & the world, with installations on many different fence types & variations including timber, super 6, masonry, composite & vinyl.

Oscillot was designed for simple, 'Do it Yourself' installation to fences that are at least 1.80 metres in height. You only need a few tools and some time! If you don't have the tools or the time, you don't have to miss out, you can Find an Installer here. If you have a local Handyman that you are happy with, they will likely be able to do the installation for you. Our comprehensive Installation Guide details the process step-by-step.