Meaty Treaty Freeze Dried Whole Sardine 100g

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Introducing MEATY TREATY Whole Sardine Freezy Dried Dog & Cat Treats! These healthy and delicious treats are made from only the finest natural ingredients. They're gently freeze-dried to remove water and preserve nutrients, making them perfect for your pet's long-lasting nutrition. Packed with sardines which are essential in having healthy and shiny skin. Delicious and nutritious pet treats we can give to our pets.

Benefits and Features:

Contains only natural ingredients free from non-toxic ingredients.
The freeze-drying process extracts the water naturally found in meat, vegetables and food, so the treats you're giving your pet are packed with pure, raw goodness.
Suitable as a treat for dogs as well as cats of all breeds, sizes and ages.
Whole Sardine Treats are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which keep your pet's coat shiny and their skin healthy.