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LickiMat Buddy Slow Feeder Mat For Dogs Is Best Suited For Thick Sticky Treats Like Peanut Butter Or Soggy Biscuits
Designed and recommended by vets, this slow feeding mat is designed to provide your dog with an enriching, tasty activity that helps to enhance their overall health and wellbeing

It is an engaging tool, that challenges and rewards your pet over time, by giving your pet small portions of food or treats, every time they engage with the mat.

Dogs need mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy, healthy, and occupied. Dogs that are not stimulated, or rewarded for engaging in time occupying behaviour, can begin to display mischievous and problem behaviours around the home. A licking mat is a great way to engage your dog with an activity that both occupies and rewards

The mat makes eating an interactive activity, rather than just a meal

The texture of this mat makes it perfect for applying paste, wet, raw, and dry, foods and treat
It has a complex surface that allows the application of different types of foods and treats mixed together, or separately
A sturdy frame with non-slip base surrounds the feeding surface, making the mat durable and chew resistant
Once your pet's favourite morsels are spread over the surface, they can pick up every bit until the mat is squeaky clean
The textured surface makes licking a challenge and prolongs the enjoyment of the activity
Allows you to use a smaller volume of food which decreases the calories and extends mealtime
You can even freeze the treats to make the fun last longer and give the tongue a good workout
Great to use as a distraction during challenging experiences, or as a reward system during pet training – for example:

For teaching pets to be still during grooming, bathing, nail clipping and vet examinations
Encourage your pet to be calm and settled during car travel
Rewards your pet for calm activity around the home or just relaxing in their bed
Can provide a point of focus to distract them during fearful events
Using the mat can assist with oral health care

The licking action generates the production of saliva that can help maintain good oral health
The textured rubber surface assists in scraping food particles and bacteria off your pet’s tongue to promote a fresher breath
The mat can be used to slow down the feeding rate

The mat is fantastic for slowing down mealtime and to stop your dog from gulping down their food in seconds – making it ideal for dogs who are prone to vomiting, bloating, or gagging from eating too fast
Helps to prevent overfeeding and can assist with managing hunger - the licking action makes food last much longer and a small volume of food can be placed on the mat, allowing you to provide smaller, and more frequent feeds
Control of food portions and added energy required to access the food can assist with weight control
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