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LickiMat Indoor Keeper Bowl For Slow Feeder Mats For Dogs Holds Your Pals Lickimat In Place
This LickiMat Keeper is designed to hold Classic and Tuff LickiMats, including the Soother, Buddy, and Playdate models*
Increases Capacity Of Your LickiMat

By placing your LickiMat in the Keeper, you will be able to stack more food and treats higher on the mat due to the elevated walls and greater volume of the holder
The Keeper acts like a bowl and will hold up to 6 cups of food
Prevents Movement Of Your LickiMat

The Keeper keeps your LickiMat firmly in place and stops your dog from mischievously carrying it around the home
The bottom of the holder has rubber grips to keep it in one place
Perfect for puppies or naughty dogs as it helps to prevent your pooch from chewing their LickiMat
Reduces Mess

The walls of the Keeper will help to prevent your dog’s food from spilling on the floor
Easy To Insert & Remove Your Lickimat

There is a finger-space gap at the back of the holder that makes it easy to lift your LickiMat out when needed

Made from durable, recyclable plastic
Contains no silicone, BPA, PVC or Phthalates
Dishwasher safe, microwave safe and freezer friendly

Total: 23.5cm length x 23.5cm width x 5.3cm height
Internal space: 20.5cm length x 20.5cm width x 4cm depth