Kong Stuff'N All Natural Peanut Butter Pouch

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KONG Stuff’N naturally delicious, peanut butter comes in a convenient pouch designed with a mess-free nozzle for easy stuffing. Made for simple KONG stuffing, this treat is ideal to use for training and treating at home or on the go. Extend the challenge and enrichment by using KONG Stuff’N on top of a stuffed KONG and placing in the freezer for 4-6 hours creating an enriching, long-lasting food puzzle. No refrigeration required. Made in the USA.

Mess-free nozzle for easy stuffing
Convenient pouch for simple filling use
Naturally delicious
Knead, squeeze into the toy and enjoy
Stuff into any KONG Classic shaped rubber toy
No refrigeration needed
Convenient pouch for simple filling use
No artificial flavors. No artificial colors. Gluten Free.