Kazoo Peacock Bed Stormy Grey - Medium

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This calming snuggle design helps ease anxious (small) dogs or cats after a tough day spent prowling and playing. The high soft walls and long-pile faux fur provides the ultimate retreat by making them feel safe and secure. The second best thing to cuddling in your arms.

Nervous dogs need help to feel secure. This bed’s high raised edges and super soft padding and fabric allow them to burrow and snuggle in - creating a feeling of protection, comfort and safety.


The cover is stitched into the bed, so not removable, however, the whole bed can be washed.

Hand wash bed in cool water with mild soap
If the bed fits into a washing machine, you can wash on a gentle setting with mild soap
Hang and air dry - or tumble dry on a cool setting (if the bed fits!)

Width: 64cm
Depth: 64cm
Height: 18cm