Kazoo Peacock Bed Mud - Medium

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With undeniable good looks (and not just ‘cause I’m in it), this Peacock Bed also has a deeply calming effect that makes my anxiety disappear like magic. The secret is that it's made with a special type of faux fur that mimics real dog fur. When I cuddle up inside its soft, high walls it takes me back to when I was just a wee pup before I had my hooman family, and used to snuggle up to my other mum and brothers and sisters to feel safe and secure.

Oh, and before I furget! This year the Peacock Bed has a new design that comes with even higher edges and a removable cover that’s easy to wash. Talk about winner winner chicken dinner! Mmmmm chicken dinner…

Nervous dogs need help to feel secure. This bed’s high raised edges and super soft padding and fabric allow them to burrow and snuggle in - creating a feeling of protection, comfort and safety.


The cover is fully removable for easy washing.

Unzip cover and remove inner foam sections (keep aside)
Gentle machine wash in cool water using mild detergent
Air dry - do not tumble dry as this may cause the cover to shrink