Kazoo Cave Bed Plush Grey

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This bed reminds me of my dad’s man cave! It’s the ultimutt space for an in-demand dog like me to take refuge from all the hooman drama, and just escape into my own world. I spend quality me-time in here. Like in winter, when I snuggle down into this orthopaedic inner cushion and think about what’s for dinner. And in summer, when mum just flips it over for a more lightweight feel. And I go back to thinking about what’s for dinner.

The Cave Bed has a water-resistant cover for easy wipe down in case of accidents and fits pawfectly into corners and crates too. So whether I’m hanging out at home or heading out with the furmily, I’m always as snug as can be.

SMALL: Width: 62cm Depth: 45cm Height: 25cm

MEDIUM: Width: 75cm Depth: 55cm Height: 28cm

LARGE: Width: 85cm Depth: 66cm Height: 31cm

X-LARGE: Width: 95cm Depth: 75cm Height: 34cm

Nervous dogs need help to feel secure. This bed’s high raised edges and super soft padding and fabric allow them to burrow and snuggle in - creating a feeling of protection, comfort and safety.

- The pillow cover is fully removable for easy washing.
- Unzip cover and remove inner foam sections (keep aside)
- Gentle machine wash in cool water using mild detergent
- Air dry - do not tumble dry as this may cause the cover to shrink