Katz Loo - Cat Litter 10kg

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Your cats business is our business!
Facts About Katz-Loo
Katz-Loo is 100% natural sodium bentonite clay, there are no additives or fragrances add!
Katz-Loo absorbs and locks in odours!
Katz-Loo does not support bacteria growth!
Katz-Loo clumps extremely well!
Katz-Loo is “paw” friendly i.e being natural the edges on each grain are rounded so they don’t dig into your cats paws causing irritations!
Cats love Katz-Loo!!
Katz-Loo can also be used to absorb fats in the BBQ tray or oil spillage from vehicles!
Katz-Loo is 100% Australian, we use no imported products!
Directions For Use
Fill cat litter tray with 7-10cm of Katz-Loo Natural Clumping Cat Litter. A thick layer of litter will increase the absorption properties of Katz-Loo and will help you to use less litter in the long run.
Liquid waste will clump together and will remain on the top layer of the litter box.
Simply scoop the solid waste clumps and dispose of with household garbage or bury in the garden. Top up litter when necessary.