Huds and Toke Yoghurt Doggy Crackle Single

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Product Description

Remember those party crackles as a kid? Well here at Huds and Toke we have created our own yoghurt version designed especially for your furry best friend. This perfect treat is made with puffed brown rice, coated with yoghurt frosting sprinkled with spring time pastel sprinkles to really make them pop.

These are set hard and will not melt and will also take a little while for some pups to get through for longer enjoyment.

Very Low in Fat, No added Salt, Sugar or Preservatives and Wheat Free.

Huds and Toke aims to create awesome memories with our beautiful Australian Made Natural and Hand Decorated Treats.
Great for dogs of all sizes.

Brown Rice, Yoghurt Powder (low fat), Tapioca Starch, Guar Gum, Sprinkles