Fringe Studio Stoneware Dog Food & Water Bowl - Celestial Blue

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Great to use for either water or dog food, the Fringe Studio’s PetShop Stoneware Pet Bowl is a sturdy and premium clay dog bowl with a decal art of spotted dogs inside the bowl. The sleek design of the bowl features white matte glaze and an exposed clay base for a dual-coloured look. You can microwave the bowl to warm up food or bone broth for your pet and clean this bowl in the dishwasher safely.


- Medium and round stoneware dog bowl
- Microwave-safe to heat up food or bone broth for your dog
- Can be used in the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning
- Best for small to medium-sized dogs
- Colour/Design: Celestial Blue

Size: One Size (Medium)
Dimensions: Approximately 16cm (diameter) x 6cm (height)
Material: Stoneware (Clay) Bowl, Decal Art