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What is Pet Corrector used for?

Pet Corrector can be used to interrupt many unwanted doggy behaviors but is most often used for: barking, jumping up, stealing food, chasing, aggression and place avoidance.

Is Pet Corrector only for dogs?

While most of our customers use Pet Corrector to train their dogs, it can also be very effective on other animals including cats. Just make sure you test the sensitivity of your pet first by using Pet Corrector at least 3 meters away to begin with.

How do I use the Pet Corrector?

Using Pet Corrector is easy with our W.A.G. process. Witness: When you witness bad behavior… Act: Use the Pet Corrector (away from your dog) to distract them, then… Give: Give your dog a command and then reward.

Can I use it to train my puppy?

We don’t recommend using the Pet Corrector on young puppies. We believe that at an early age, rewarding positive behavior should be the focus of puppy training, rather than trying to deter the not-so-good behaviors.

Is the Pet Corrector suitable for all dogs?

While the Pet Corrector is fine to use on most dogs, we recommend doing a test to check your dog’s sensitivity. Do this by testing a short one second burst of Pet Corrector at least 3 meters away from your dog. If they show any signs of distress, then discontinue use. We don’t recommend using the Pet Corrector on anxious dogs or puppies.

Can the Pet Corrector be used long-term?

When used correctly as part of our W.A.G. process, the Pet Corrector can permanently change pet behavior in which case continued use is unnecessary. But remember, the Pet Corrector is not a punishment, it’s a training tool and it should always be followed with a reward.

How long should I press the Pet Corrector for?

Pet Corrector should be used in short, one-second bursts, at a distance of at least one meter from your pet. Remember to always point the can away from your pet’s face. Do not press the button continuously or hold the can upside-down.

How long will my Pet Corrector last?

If used correctly in short, one-second bursts, you will get approximately 50ml = 50 bursts/uses