CK 88 25kg

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CK 88 (Crop King) 25kg
Crop King 88 Fertilser is a great all round lawn & garden fertilser.

A NPKS fertiliser blend, containing potassium as muriate of potash, i.e. as chloride. Mainly used in tree crops.
Also used as a planting fertiliser in some vegetable and forage crops on alluvial soils with a high phosphorus status. For couch and other summer-growing lawns and playing fields.


apply at 300 kg/ha (3 kg/100 sq m) three times per year (March, Sept., Dec.).

Water in after application.

N: 15.1% P: 4.4% K: 11.5% S: 13.6%

Nitrogen (N) Ammonium Form 15.1% w/w
Phosphorus (P) Water Soluble 3.9% w/w
Phosphorus (P) Citrate Soluble 0.4% w/w
Phosphorus (P) Total 4.4% w/w
Potassium (K) as Chloride 11.5% w/w
Sulfur (S) as Sulfate 13.6% w/w
Fluoride (F) Maximum 0.70% w/w
Fluoride g/kg P (F) Maximum 50g/kg P
Cadmium (Cd) Maximum 10mg/kg
Cadmium (Cd) Maximum 150mg/kg P
Lead (Pb) Maximum 20mg/kg
Mercury (Hg) Maximum 5.0mg/kg

Product Information

This product is not suitable as a stockfeed supplement or for application in solution, ie. dissolved in irrigation water, water injection equipment or as a foliar spray.

This product should not be stored in a silo.

This is a blended fertiliser in which some segregation of the ingredients may occur, and may lead to some variation from the stated analysis.

Should this product not meet your expectations, please contact your fertiliser supplier before use. Before using fertiliser seek appropriate agronomic advice. Fertiliser may burn and/or damage pasture and crops, and affect the health of grazing animals.Avoid direct ingestion by livestock. Because climatic and soil conditions, application methods, irrigation, agricultural and grazing management practices are beyond the control of Incitec Pivot Limited and cannot be foreseen, Incitec Pivot Limited accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any commercial damage, loss or other result following the use of this product whether used in accordance with directions or not, subject to any overriding statutory provision and provided that such liability under thoseprovisions shall be limited to the replacement of the goods as supplied or the rendering again of the services that are provided. The buyer accepts and uses this product subject to these conditions.

HEAVY METALS: Use of this product may result in Cadmium and/or Mercury residues in excess of the Maximum Level specified by the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code in plant and animal products and may also result in accumulation of these residues in soils.

SAFETY DIRECTIONS: Avoid ingestion and inhaling product. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin. Wash hands after use.

CARE OF EQUIPMENT: This product can be corrosive to metals. Clean equipment after use, and follow manufacturer`s maintenance advice.