Chi Wet/Dry Grooming Glove

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Rubber side removes loose hair from your pup’s fur.
Soft terry cloth helps massage soap into the coat when wet.
Safe to use whether your pet is wet or dry.
One size fits all with this glove.
Grooming from the comfort of your own home.

CHI Wet & Dry Grooming Glove is easy to use and keeps your dog looking his best. Made from polyester, it features rubber infused with charcoal bamboo on one side and terry cloth on the other. The rubber side attracts loose hair from your pup’s coat while the terry-cloth helps massage soap into the fur when wet. This glove is also comfortable for pet parents to wear and features a fuzzy fastener strap to adjust to the correct hand size. Your furry friend will look like he just came from the groomers with the CHI Wet & Dry Grooming Glove.