Chi Porcupine Brush

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CHI For Dogs provides high quality tools for your pet's grooming needs. Developed using the same superior technologies as the CHI human lines, all products are designed to take exceptional care of your dog throughout the grooming process.

Directions: Brush in the direction of hair growth. Start at the rear of pet and work your way forward. When necessary, follow up by bathing dog with the CHI for Dogs Shed Control Shampoo. When met under time restraints, CHI for Dogs Dry Shampoo is a great alternative after brushing your dog.

REMOVES MATS AND TANGLES — CHI For Dogs Porcupine brush is a versatile grooming tool that removes mats and tangles
ERGONOMIC SOFT GRIP HANDLE — Ergonomic soft grip handle ensures comfort while grooming your dog
RESTORES BALANCE AND SHINE TO HAIR — Ionic Technology restores hair balance and shine and reduces static electricity in hair
2 BRUSHES IN 1 — Groom and finish your pet's coat with one grooming tool
SUITABLE FOR ALL DOGS — CHI For Dogs Porcupine Brush can be used on all dogs and puppies