Catmate Tofu Litter 2kg

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Catmate loves your pet as much as we love nature. Catmate Natural Tofu Cat Litter is produced from 100% sustainable plant based ingredients that is safe for your kitten or cat, is water soluble and can be toilet flushed.*

INGREDIENTS Soybean pea fibre, corn starch, calcium carbonate, edible guar gum, baking soda, deodorant powder.

USAGE -Up to 4 weeks supply for one cat.

STORAGE -Store in a dry area.

Lightweight Litter – gentle on your cat’s paws, dust-free, absorbs and clumps fast
Absorbent – absorbs up to 4 times weight in liquid
Flushable and septic safe*
100% Biodegradable – made from natural ingredients that are compostable and suitable to mulch in your garden
Natural Odour Control – no harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances
Safe for kittens• Vegan friendly
Flushing Catmate Natural Tofu Cat Litter is water soluble and can be flushed in small quantities, but we recommend you check with your local council.

When transitioning we recommend initially not changing to a new litter tray or moving the location of the tray.