Bainbridge River Nebula - Ultrasonic Humidifier for Incubators

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The patented NEBULA® system can control humidity so that the set value is attained and kept constant, without producing wide, long-lasting and unwanted fluctuations in temperature and humidity during the incubation. In fact, thanks to its continuous variable system, the NEBULA® supplies energy to the water by means of an ultrasound generator, producing microscopic droplets (fog effect). The supplied hose conveys the droplets to the incubator. Getting in contact with the heat, the droplets instantly evaporate creating humidity that the fan in the incubator homogenises.

User friendly

Made in Italy


Accurate in measurement

Quickly reach the desired humidity level

Stable and consistent humidity and temperature

Compatible with all River incubators, not only with the ET series

Does not submerge the eggs with water

Keeps the incubator base clean

No part subject to wear, contrary to the peristaltic pumps

The Ultrasonic Humidity Control Humidifier Nebula has the follow characteristics:

Easy connection to the incubator:the connection and the nut link NEBULA® to any small/medium capacity incubator through a ø23mm hole.

Large display:allows the regulation of humidity from 30% to 90% and shows the days of incubation. The display shows also the intensity of NEBULA®’s functioning and its alarms.

Mini USB for humidity sensor: connects NEBULA® to the humidity sensor to be placed inside the base of the incubator.

Flexible hoseconnects the humidifier for humidity control NEBULA® to the incubator and conveys inside it the microscopic droplets made by the ultrasonic system.

Complete baseit has a security float that signals low water level by means of the related icon on the display. A centrifugal fan conveys the droplets from NEBULA®’s base into the incubator.

Technical Characteristics

Voltage: 230 Volt 50/60 Hz single phase

Maximum power: 18 Watt AC

Average daily consumption: max. 0,2 kW/24h

External wiring: double insulated bipolar power cord; male mini-USB cable (sensor)

Display: digital humidity control with decimal point and incubation days count

Precision humidity sensor: +/- 3%

Body: plastic material