AGM Coarse Laying Mash 20kg

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Coarse Laying Mash 20kg

For Poultry

This Product does not contain restricted Animal Material.
Direction for Use:
Laying Mash is suitable to be fed to Laying Birds from approximately 20 weeks of age through to the age of 80 weeks. Our Laying Mash is fed as a complete feed.
The hens should have unlimited access to the feed as well as clean, cool fresh water available at all times.

- As hens enter the end of Lay period the Egg shell quality may deteriorate. Shellgrit or cal-grit (coarse lime) may improve quality of shell.
- It is important that the Poultry have clean, cool fresh water available to them at all times.

Clean, cool dry place.

Cracked Maize
AGM Vitamin & Mineral Pre-Mix
Soya bean Oil

Guaranteed Analysis:
Minimum Crude Protein 15%
Minimum Crude Fibre 8%
Minimum ME MJ/kg 12%
Minimum Fat 3%
Minimum Calcium 3%
Minimum Salt 0.2%
Withholding period: