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STRESS-LESS is a nutritional paste for dogs that may aid in nerve and muscle functions. Formulated with L-Tryptophan to help reduce aggression nervous and anxious behaviour as well as providing B group vitamins and magnesium to improve overall well being.

Stress-Less may also help your pet to:
- Stay calm during periods of travel
- Stimulate appetite
- Stay focused during training
- Keep calm during storms and/or fireworks
- Improve metabolism
Also suitable for cats (1/2mL per 5kg body weight dose)

Each mL contains
300mg L-Tryptophan

100mg Thiamine Mononitrate (Vit. B1)

100mg Magnesium Proteinate

20mg Riboflavine (Vit. B2)

10mg Pyridoxine HCL (Vit. B6)

Rate of Use: Administer 15 to 30 minutes prior to its intended effect. Suitable to be given neat (over the tongue) or mixed into daily food rations.

Dose Rate: 1mL per 10kg bodyweight

Doses per 30mL:

Toy <5kg - 60 doses
Small 5kg-15kg - 60 to 20 doses
Medium 15kg-25kg - 20 to 12 doses
Large 25kg-40kg - 12 to 7 doses