Kong Signature Crunch Rope Single Small

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KONG Signature Crunch Rope Toy For Dogs Is Great For Tug And Fetch Games
Looking for a toy that's crunchy, stretchy, and entertaining for your furry friend? Look no further than the KONG Crunch Rope!
With its 2 knots, irresistible crunch sound, and stretchy sock exterior, it is sure to become a fast favourite in your pup's toy collection!
The bendy PVC cylinder inside the sock features a captivating crunch sound to encourage dogs to play and keep them engaged for longer
With a length of approximately 48cm, it will satisfy your dog’s natural instincts to tug, fetch and thrash
The durable construction and stretchy sock exterior are perfect for long-lasting play
A solid, yet bendy and lightweight body makes it great for carrying around in your pup’s mouth
The polyester soft, stretchy ends of the toy provide your dog with fun sensory stimulation
The long size, combined with the multiple knots makes it ideal for playing tug-of-war with your dog or between two dogs
The bright red colour will ensure it stands out in the grass when playing in the backyard or at the park
Designed for small-medium dogs with light-moderate jaw strength

Polyester, Synthetic Fabric, Vinyl / PVC
Dimensions (approx.)

48cm length x 4cm width
Note: the toy can stretch longer than 48cm