Kong Rewards Wally Md/Lg PEPW2

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KONG Rewards Wally Treat Dispenser Toy For Dogs Will Get Your Pal Working Hard For Their Tasty Snacks
This treat dispenser toy is designed to provide your dog with an enriching, tasty activity to keep them mentally and physically entertained

The toy is challenging and engaging, and rewards your dog over time, by releasing portions of food or treats, when they engage with the toy
The unique, curved shape creates a wobbly, exciting movement when your dog nuzzles and paws at the toy to receive their morsels
The grippy thermoplastic material reduces the sound of the toy rolling across the floor – great for quiet play
There are 2 treat holes (1 on either side of the toy)
The toy is great for slowing down mealtime and stops your dog gulping down their food in seconds – ideal for dogs who are prone to vomiting, bloating, or gagging from eating too fast
Helps to prevent overfeeding and can assist with managing hunger - the slow dispensing action makes food last much longer, allowing you to provide smaller and more frequent feeds
Control of food portions and added energy expenditure required to access the food can assist with weight management
Dogs need mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy, healthy, and occupied
Dogs that are not stimulated, or rewarded for engaging in time-occupying behaviour, can begin to display mischievous and problem behaviours around the home
The toy can also provide a point of focus during fearful events to help ease anxiety
Made of strong and durable thermoplastic material
To open, simply twist the top half compartment anti-clockwise
Easy to clean – hand wash in warm soapy water
Holds 1 cup of kibble

Total: 12.5cm length x 12cm height 12.5cm depth
Circumference: 40cm
Treat dispenser holes: 1.8cm diameter
How to Use

Twist off top half of ball to open (put fingers in holes for more leverage if you are having trouble opening it for the first time)
Fill with dry food or small treats (a small handful for treat time, or up to 1 cup for mealtime)
Twist top on tightly in clockwise direction
Encourage your dog to push, paw and roll the toy to dispense rewards
Hand wash with soapy water