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Unravel some feline fun for your cat with the KONG Pull-A-Partz Yarnz Cat Toy!
A ball of soft, chunky yarn, an adorable mouse, and a catnip-stuffed toy - what’s not to love about this 3-in-1 cat toy! The KONG Pull-A-Partz Yarnz Cat Toy features three separate toys that are sure to keep your cat entertained and active all day long.

The bundle of chunky yarn is sure to thrill your cat’s natural tendencies to capture and catch string and yarn. Since the yarn bundle doesn’t unravel, this cat toy set provides a safer alternative to regular yarn balls for your cat to play with.

You also receive a stuffed mouse toy that encourages your cat to hunt and chase the day away! The wrap that secures around the centre of the yarn bundle includes crinkle paper and KONG’s premium North American catnip to reward your cat with extra textures, scents, and sounds they’ll love.

Make your cat meow with delight with the KONG Pull-A-Partz Yarnz Cat Toy!


* 3-in-1 cat toy featuring a bundle of soft chunky yarn, a mouse, and a crinkly catnip-stuffed wrap!
* Entices your cat’s natural instincts to chase, hunt, bat, and capture for all- day fun
* “Meow & Furrever” wrap includes KONG premium North American catnip and crinkle paper
*Pull-apart feature to provide more mentally stimulating activity for your cat
*Each toy can be separated for independent play
*Great for all cats to enjoy!

*Note: Bundle of yarn does not unravel or fall apart.

Colour: Assorted (we are unable to select specific colours)

Size: One Size

Dimensions: Approx. 11cm x 7.5cm