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Provides entertaining mental and physical stimulation
? Makes playtime more fun and rewarding by dispensing small treats as the cat plays
? Encourages your cat to work for food and to exercise
? Use the toys as an alternative to a food bowl - help extend mealtime, slows rapid eating, boredom eating and obesity
The unpredictable wobble movement keeps the toy challenging, even for seasoned food toy users
The toy has a weighted bottom and food dispenser hole - it sits upright until pushed with by the cat?s paw or nose, then dispenses treats as it wobbles, spins and rolls.
The little cat on the food pod lid can be moved across the treat window to change the size of the dispensing hole ? adds to the challenge, controls the rate of the dispensing and allows different sized treats to be used
Two-part twist open design makes for an easy fill and clean
Made from smooth finish, easy clean Food grade non toxic plastic
Holds up to 1/3 cup of dry food
Comes in bright and fun colours
Dimensions (approx.)
Height : 9 ? 11cm
Width: 6.5cm
Treat Dispensing Hole: up to 1.5cm wide