Balanced Life Original Wild Aussie Blend - Boar, Kangaroo & Venison Dog Roll 2kg

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* 76% wild boar, kangaroo and venison muscle meat sourced locally
* High meat content and low carbohydrates
* Nutritionally complete and balanced food for adult dogs of all breeds

• Wild Boar is high in protein and hypoallergenic, with a taste dogs go wild for
• Kangaroo is a novel protein and considered a cooling meat, which makes it ideal for dogs prone to allergies
• Venison is a novel protein that’s dogs love the taste of, it is a great source of iron, B group vitamins and low in saturated fats
• Sunflower seed oil contains Omega 6 fatty acids that are beneficial for overall skin health
• Garlic in small quantities is said to help prevent blood clots, lower cholesterol and act as a flea and tick repellent

Boar Muscle Meat, Rice, Kangaroo Muscle
Meat, Venison Muscle Meat, Beet Pulp, Salmon Oil, Seaweed, Sea Salt, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamins, Minerals, Natural Gum, Peas, Natural
Smoke Flavour, Taurine, Chicory Root, Garlic, Celery

Typical Analysis
Protein 9.5%
Fat 8.0%
Fibre 3.2%
Ash 2.6%
Moisture 68.9%
Carbohydrate 8.8%
ME kcals/100g 132