Balanced Life Original Poultry Blend - Chicken, Turkey & Duck Dog Roll 2kg

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Balanced Life Poultry Blend Dog Roll

* 78% muscle meat from chicken, duck and turkeys
* High meat content and low carbohydrates
* Nutritionally complete and balanced food for adult dogs of all breeds
* Chicken, duck and turkey are a highly palatable combination with a wide variety of nutritional benefits

• Chicken provides many benefits to dogs as it’s a protein and amino acid source that helps build lean muscle mass
• Duck is rich in iron and provides dogs with a lean, easy to digest protein source, making it ideal for dogs suffering food sensitivi ties.
• Turkey is highly digestible so is beneficial for dogs with food sensitivities. It’s also high in selenium and tryptophan for immunit y health
• Sunflower seed oil contains Omega 6 fatty acids that are beneficial for overall skin health
• Garlic in small quantities is said to help prevent blood clots, lower cholesterol and act as a flea and tick repellent

Typical Analysis
Protein 9.9%
Fat 8.3%
Fibre 3.1%
Ash 2.8%
Moisture 68.2%
Carbohydrate 7.6%
ME kcals/100g 132