Poultry & poultry supplies

At Uncle Tom's we not only sell pet food and products, we also sell high quality poultry and all the poultry supplies you need.

We stock a range of poultry from baby chicks to point of lay to chickens. They come in various breeds (subject to availability). Please contact us for breed availability.

Laying hens

Read below for varieties or visit Bond Enterprises.

Breed: Leghorn Cockeral over Rhode Island White Hen

A pure white small framed crossbred which has excellent liveability and high feed efficiency egg production. Eggs white to off white in shell colour.

Breed: Rhode Island Red Cockeral over Rhode Island White Hen

A variegated brown crossbred layer. Highly productive laying large brown shelled eggs. Excellent liveability during both rearing and lay. Good docile temperament and easily managed. Good feed conversion resulting in efficient egg production.

Breed: Rhode Island Red Cockeral over Australorpe Hen

This easy care bird produces light brown shelled eggs and performs well under variable conditions.

Poultry supplies

We have a range of poultry feed dispensers.
For water we have a range of Drinkers, Lubing Cups and Nipples.

Laying boxes and straw for bedding are also available, which are great for keeping your chooks comfortable.

We carry an extensive range of poultry foods this includes:

We at Uncle Tom's supply a large range of accessories
and supplies for poultry including: